One of the most expressive voices in Brazilian music, she offers herself with obvious ease on a wide stylistic range, always demonstrating technical-vocal mastery and the sensitivity necessary to deal with the most diverse musical repertoires with the right approach.

Born in Brazil, at the age of nine she studied at the “Catavento” art school of the TV “Jornal do Comercio”, a broadcaster in the Pernambuco region, where she attended courses in diction, bodily expression and theater with Maria Luçia Ribeiro and singing and vocal technique with Louzieth Silva Costa.

In 1986 he moved to Italy and began his musical studies at the International Academy of Music in Milan. She perfects herself with the voice craft masters Mariella Farina, lyric singing with Shuko Takahashi and vocal improvement with Luisa Castellani. He works in the advertising field singing in different jingles for Kodak Tec-phone, Dietorelle, etc. She immediately got noticed in Italy, initially thanks to a collaboration with Articolo 31 in the song “Ohi Maria”, later with the project “Brazilian love affair”.

He has recorded twelve discs, three of which in Brazil, the first at only fourteen, and the other seven in Italy. Some of his songs have reached the first places in the charts of important radios such as Radio Rai, Radio Popolare, Radio Montecarlo, Radio Dj, One O One, etc. He is the guest of numerous television programs such as the “Venice Film Festival” on TV + 1, “Generation X” with Ambra Angiolini, “Tappeto Volante” with Luciano Rispoli, “Roxy Bar” with Red Ronnie, and others. It also gets reviews in important national newspapers and magazines such as Corriere della Sera, L ‘Arena, Diario, Vogue, Elle, Acid Jazz, New Age, Guitar club, Acoustic Guitar, Jazzit, and Jazz Magazine.

He has collaborated with some of the most important musicians on the Italian jazz scene such as Marco Detto, Stefano Bagnoli, Marco Ricci, Fabrizio Bosso, Claudio Tuma, Riccardo Bianchi, Alberto Bonacasa, Sandro Cerino, and artists on the international scene such as Ademir Candido, Pete Huttlinger.

Since 2001 he forms the duo with Sergio Fabian Lavia, winning project of the “Forenza Music Awards” with which he records the CDs “De Argentina ao Brasil” and “Amando”. In 2008, together with Gabriele Cavadini, Claudio Farinone and Sergio Lavia he creates the quartet “Aries4” with which he records the CD “Scene sur mer” dedicated to Argentine and Brazilian composers of the 20th century and contemporaries.